Welcome to Vegotel

Vegotel specializes in small environmentally friendly hotels/accommodations that serve a vegan breakfast/lunch including cheese, meat and dairy substitutes. Recently started and already expanded to four locations, Blije, Heegermeer, Schoonoord and Wyns. Vegotel Blije is located in a farmhouse build in 1885 on the Zeedijk next to the Wadden Sea, Vegotel Heeg next the beautiful Heegermeer, Vegotel Schoonoord in our beautiful Drenthe province and Vegotel Wyns in the middle of meadows (Friesland). Each Vegotel location has its own character and possibilities, click on the photos for more information.

Whichever you choose, they offer peace and space to enjoy and to recover from all your daily stress. Now still small scale but our goal is expanding to more Vegotel locations. Want to know more about the Vegotel concept? Choose from one of the buttons below the photo's.


             Vegotel Schoonoord                        Vegotel Heegermeer                               Vegotel Blije                                       Vegotel Wyns