Partnerships and investors


Our environment is changing rapidly, this no longer needs an explanation. The biggest underlying cause is unfortunately a subject that almost no one dares to speak out loud, the consumption of animal based meat and dairy. So the easiest way doing something about our rapid changing environment is switching to vegan food, much cheaper than for example solar panels on your roof or an electric car. In addition to the environmental benefits vegan food has a number of major advantages, a lot healthier, easily digestible and preparation takes less time (energy gain).

Vegan substitutes

But then ? Isn't vegan food just a dressed salad on your plate or a meat substitute which tastes like cardboard ? Maybe a couple of years ago, but now it has become a high-quality and fast growing industry. In fact, everything you eat today has a vegan successor, many can no longer be distinguished from "real". Vegotel specializes in these meat and dairy successors and is constantly looking for the best quality in terms of taste, looks and structure. We often receive compliments from our guests (often not vegans) about the perfect taste, looks and bite. Especially about our Full English 100% vegan breakfast, a specialty at Vegotel Blije. Offering local vegan food is also an option of course.

The Vegotel concept

In addition to vegan food, the Vegotel concept consists of environmental friendliness and the prevention of electrosmog. Think of solar energy, ecological cleaning and care products, second-hand furniture, recycling, waste separation and for example an eco-shower. Preventing electrosmog means free internet with a LAN cable, eco wifi of or no wifi at all. This may come as a surprise, but electromagnetic radiation from wireless internet and devices is far from healthy. The number of hotels without wifi and/or vegan food is growing rapidly, we join this growing market. Vegotel is already named as the "Future of hospitality" by a famous professor of sustainability and worldwide the first hotel branch offering this healthy combination.

Hotel and B&B partners

Vegotel seeks partners which serve vegan local food or successors and are as environmentally friendly as possible. If neccesary we will advise you concerning the best available meat and dairy successors and for this purpose we work together with a top vegan supplier. About payment, participating is free and only with an actual booking we charge 10% commission.


In addition to new partners, we also want to expand to more and especially larger locations. For this purpose we are looking for investors/partners who wants to make the difference with us. We are happy to explain our vision for the future. And one thing is certain, the demand for vegan/ecological accommodations is only increasing, there is no turning back.

If you are interested and would like to have more information fill in your e-mail address or send an e-mail to Thanks !