General information:

  • Address Vegotel Blije: Zeedijk 6, 9171 AM Blije.

  • Address Vegotel Heegermeer: De Burd 25a, 8621 JX Heeg.

  • Address Vegotel Schoonoord: Tramstraat 105, 7848 BJ Schoonoord.

  • Address Vegotel Wyns: Wyns 16, 9091 BD Wyns.

  • Telephone number: 0031-519-347069

  • E-mail:

  • Internet:

  • Bank account number: NL13 ASNB0781265991

  • Chamber of commerce registration number: 10146047


* Personal data will only be used in confidence for a booking and an information request. After this, your personal information will be deleted immediately. We will only keep your e-mail address and telephone number with your personal permission and on request. We do not send advertisements afterwards, for new locations and news around Vegotel we advise you to consult our website frequently and contact us if desired.