Environmental friendliness no longer needs an introduction today. How do we contribute to a better world:

  • By only working together with environmentally friendly accommodations, some are 100% energy neutral !
  • By using solar energy as much as possible.
  • By using sustainable materials and second-hand furniture.
  • By using biodegradable cleaning and care products.
  • Waste seperation.
  • A delicious vegan breakfast including cold cuts, cheese and other dairy products, just like in any other "hotel". Vegan food is by far the easiest way to contribute to a better environment. And thanks to the modern meat and dairy substitutes you do not have to miss anything.
  • Electric car and E-bike rental at Vegotel Blije and Wyns.
  • By preventing electrosmog as much as possible, for example by using LAN internet, eco wifi or no wifi at all. For people with an electro hypersensitivity the wifi can be switched off on request at each Vegotel location. Next to this, all Vegotel accommodations are detached and remote, ideal for an electrosmog free holiday.
  • Did you know that with just one overnight stay at Vegotel you already save more than 20 kilograms of CO2 and with a week 154 kilograms of CO2 ? In short, a more sustainable stay than at Vegotel is hardly possible. Click on the Footprint button below for more information.